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This brand’s exquisite attention to detail is evident with the Jester backpacks ‘design. For added stability and support, always use the sternum strap and adjust it according to your size. You can also make use of the front and side pockets and even the bungee cords for organizing purposes. Versatile backpack, whether you’re a climber, student, or an employee you can make use of the Jester with confidence and convenience. The North Face is a top brand that excels when it comes to comfort and the weight is no burden to carry at a lightweight 1 lb 13 oz should not present a problem for anyone. Why choose between a backpack and a suitcase when you can carry a travel backpack that opens like a suitcase?

I would recommend this for light use but not if you have too many textbooks. The shoulder straps of the Jester are ergonomically contoured for optimal carrying comfort. Additionally, the Jester’s shoulder straps are ergonomically shaped for maximum carrying comfort. The Jester backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a great way to ensure your bag will continue to serve you for many years to come. The Jester backpack provides practical storage for your daily essentials.

The choices vary depending on bags, but most have anywhere from 10 to 15 options, which allows you to personalize your selection. The lighter color shells are excellent for light duty or cleaner environments, the darker colors show less dirt and would be better suited for travel or commuting. When considering size, we looked at what the bag can hold, generally measured in liters. We also examined if the bag had external storage or expandable pockets. When considering if a bag is a good fit, the size needs to be a determining factor not only for regular storage or gear for when you’re carrying unusual loads.

Both men and women can use this bag, especially those who are looking for affordable backpacks. The Jester backpack is supplied with lots of amazing features you will not expect at this price range. It will also serve as a handy school backpack for students who are looking for a spacious bag to contain their books and notebooks yet stylish enough to match their outfits. At the front, there is the signature bungee cord system that can strap in a bike helmet, jacket, or gears and equipment that you can easily secure by cinching down.

north face jester backpack review

The Overall Features Rating of the North Face Jester Backpack is 5 out of 5 stars.This really sums up every single thing that a good backpack needs. All these features combined are making an awesome backpack. There is even a front elastic bungee for more storage that is located outside of the backpack. The Lifetime Warranty just goes to show how much they stand by their products and how much faith they have in them. If for whatever reason your gear starts to fall apart or comes already in a poor condition, North Face will make it right.

In a lot of ways, it’s nice because you can put anything in there. The bottom of the pack is expandable, allowing you to store quite a bit. Because of such features and its price tag, it’s pretty heavy duty for just heading to college each day. However, if you regularly commute by cycle or you plan on traveling a lot in the future, this is a perfect backpack for such ambitions. It offers a padded shoulder strap system for added comfort, with an airflow back system so you should avoid feeling too sweaty. There’s a space to store your phone, along with a headphone pull through slot too.

Recycled polyester is a very lightweight material with very little stretch. I have bought several of these over the years for my children. This is a very durable backpack that can last for years. He goes into his last year of school next year so he will love this backpack.

I also use it as a school bag and it fits all my stuff without cramming. Overall, the North Face Jester is a well-rounded backpack with an array of versatile features. While the North Face Borealis Backpack is a more popular North Face option, the Jester Backpack isn’t far behind it in terms of functional usability. The Jester also has an easily accessible cushioned laptop compartment.

Not only did it feel plush against my back, but it also made a great pillow for a post-work beach nap. The Flex Vent is rigid, and provides more support than very basic backpacks, so it will handle a decent load for its size. The customizable organization options and extra pockets will help keep you organized and still have plenty of room for books and binders. If you take long business trips or are one of those students that live out of their backpacks, this is definitely the bag for you.

Or how about a stylish backpack with a dedicated tablet sleeve? Check out our list of the 10 best backpacks for tablets. Many North Face backpacks notoriously have curved bottoms that don’t allow you to sit the bag down on the ground.

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To celebrate the “extra hour,” we’re dedicating this week to work and productivity. If you ever need to go from work to the nearest hiking trail, the Lo & Sons Hakuba backpack might be just what you’re looking for. If youcanget a backpack covered in sequins, youshouldget it covered in sequins. Adidas serves high-fashion pieces along with their sporty classics. I don’t even need to explain why you need a tie-dye backpack–just get onTiktok, the trend is literally everywhere.

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Made of recycled PET plastic bottles, the UP Sydney gets a big tick for its reduced environmental impact. Carrying support includes foam padded back and shoulder support and an adjustable sternum strap. JanSport backpacks are a product most of us are familiar with—after all, the brand has been around for over 50 years. Known for simplicity, reliability, and durability, JanSport is so confident in the quality of their backpacks that they offer a limited lifetime warranty. This is a good feature in a backpack for a child, because spills and rips and tumbles definitely happen. The backpack is made from super heavy-duty materials and has a waterproof interior liner to keep everything safe and dry.

Selecting a backpack that is machine washable is very helpful as well, as you can expect lots of messes in those early years. Choosing the right backpack for your child will depend a lot on their size and needs. Bean Original Book Pack (view at L.L. Bean) because of its overall ergonomic design, high-quality materials, versatility, and longevity.

Or if you can go just slightly above your budget, consider a Farpoint 40 . Try a backpack with a highly padded back and bigger waist straps… e.g. In my guide to packing light, I show you exactly how I pack my carry-on bag. The internal support frames often already weigh several kilos or pounds.

The backpack comes lined with a series of straps you can use to secure your backpack to your waist, chest, and shoulders. This may sound like overkill, but it’ll make it easier to keep your backpack on as you hike—meaning you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you explore the great outdoors. But the Encompass Convertible Wheeled Backpack excels in more than just versatility. Made of water-resistant materials, it keeps your belongings safe in a downpour without sacrificing aesthetics.

The pass-through is 9 inches wide, which fits the handle of my roller bag. The polyester pack has many built-in compartments that are easy to store small items. Kneuven said it has held up, it’s affordable at less than $50, and comes in avariety of colors. We would be lying if we said that style didn’t matter, so if you want to go for a more classic look, the Lo & Sons Hanover Deluxe 2 and the Everlane ReNew Transit backpacks might be more your speed.

The bag is packed with pockets you can use to store snacks, toys, and other necessities, plus it has a built-in tablet sleeve so you can use it to store some essentials for yourself, as well. Other bonuses include clips to easily attach to a stroller, pouches for dirty clothes, and an insulated bottle holder. And since it’s crafted from sleek neoprene, it shouldn’t be too tough to wash, either. Its rugged 500D Cordura construction means it’s built for life on the road, while its zippered clamshell opening makes it easy to pack and access everything quickly. At 43L, you’ll find no shortage of storage capacity, and the layout has been carefully thought out to ensure everything, from your laptop to your shoes to your dirty clothes, has its place. The Public Rec Pro Pack Plus has a bunch of useful, organizational pockets for pens and a passport, as well as a luggage-strap handle in case you need to go to the airport from the gym.

And hey, if you want to up the “cool” factor, ours cover logos with patches to make it their own. Eco-conscious teens should check out the selection ofrecycled poly-canvas backpacksfrom State, with 90% made from recycled materials. As a seasoned lifestyle writer, Lindsey Lanquist understands what a difference a great product recommendation can make. That’s why she makes sure to recommend products that are sleek, reliable, and well-reviewed by those who’ve tried them. To write this article, she consulted experts and selected backpacks based on their durability, features, and comfort.

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There’s some really great utility to things like MOLLE for customizing your pack and including other accessories on your bag, and the stronger materials make for highly durable bags. Keep in mind that some folks may perceive you as being in the military if your bag has too much digi camo going on. It’s one thing if the pack is all black & subdued, but another if it’s camo and filled with patches. If this is your look, go for it, but this type of pack might also bring about some “unwanted attention” in certain parts of the world.

This allows you to adjust the bag to your gear needs while maintaining a tight and compact fit. The bag is also water-resistant , so your laptop will stay safe and dry as long as you’re not dropping it into any puddles or pools. I also love the understated, elegant design, making this backpack appropriate both for work and in casual settings. Roll top backpacks feature a unique, top-loading design that makes packing incredibly quick thanks to their large, expandable top openings. A good roll top is also durable and secure, and in some cases, water-resistant. You’ll enjoy each adventure to the fullest knowing that your gear is well-protected.

Typically from manufacturers that also make outdoor and hiking backpacks, this is the go-to style for anyone on a gap year looking to tick off as many countries in Southeast Asia as possible. And because of that, they’re some of the most popular bags on the market today. Sure, you’ll still look like a tourist—albeit not as much as you would wearing a hiking backpack—but that’s fine because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

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In case our products can no longer be repaired, we recycle the material back into the GOT BAG production. In doing so, we pursue the goal that plastic collected with our Clean-Up never ends up in the ocean again. Rolltops arent really popular for one bagging because its cumbersome to access all the contents of your bag quickly and easily.

If your GOT BAG is ever worn out or damaged, we offer you a way to repair or even replace it with the GOT BAG repair service. Because only a product that is used for as long as possible proves to be particularly sustainable for us. This backpack has a spacious main compartment, though there are no separations to neatly organize your gear.

Best Travel Backpack | Polyester.Polyester is one of the most common fabrics on the planet. It’s made from plastic fibers, and you can find it pretty much everywhere—in clothing, pillows, seat belts, upholstery, rope, the list goes on… Oh, and backpacks. Polyester is not the most durable fabric, so you’ll usually find it on lower-end packs . It’s really not the most suitable choice for a travel pack—as it just won’t hold up through the years.

Achieved an all-time record of 10 published verified reviews within one calendar month. The PET portion of the by-catch is shredded into pellets, while all other types of the recovered plastic are discarded according to the right recycling chain. Upgrade your adventure today, and sign up to receive the best gear, tips and tricks we’ve got, straight to your inbox, totally free. Overall, the Urban Ex 2.0 is tough, convenient, and an all-round impressive commuter urban dry bag. It’s a bit more expensive than some others on this list, but you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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After all that I put my Mother Lode through, it doesn’t have a single visible rip or tear. Extremely lightweight, waterproof, and impressively comfortable for a pack weighing under 2 lbs. Price, this is a solidly made bag, with some really thought out features, it’s a great value for the price.

For reference, I pack shoes, toiletries, straightening iron, etc, in the front pocket and clothes in the big part. Liquids can go in the smaller “forehead” zippered area on the top front of the suitcase. You can use packing cubes, just know that because there is a handle to grip for the wheeling bag part, you lose a little bit of space inside. But, that’s to be expected on any bag with a telescoping handle. I use the Weekender Junior backpack from ebags, and I’m about your size and age. I find it holds quite a bit, especially when using the packing cubes, and it’s pretty easy to carry around and get it into overhead compartments.

Unfortunately, most bags don’t have as much versatility as we would like, making it difficult to carry up stairs or over on cobblestones or down the aisle on the airplane. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rolling bag, but they can’t really go everywhere and the rigid structure can make it difficult to get into the overhead or under the seat in front of you. EBags wants to give you a bit more organization, while giving you a more traditional carry-on bag, but with a lot more flexibility. The main compartment measures 21.5″H x 5.5″D x 14”W and front compartment is 21.5″H x 3-5”D x 13”-14”W. If you’re not great with dimensions just know that this bag provides MORE THAN ENOUGh space for a weekender or carry-on. One of the more genius design aspects of the TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is that it can easily be transformed into a duffel bag thanks to the convertible straps.

ebags tls mother lode weekender convertible

Day Owl offers a true backpack for grown ups with their flagship backpack. In this backpack review we explore all of the hidden pockets and great features that make the Day Owl perfect for both work and weekends. Now that all your main items are packed and organized, you can organize all the other little things you need to take with you. The exterior pocket has room for guide books, smaller electronics, change, writing implements and more. I used it for my Kindle, passport, mobile and even fit my netbook inside.

You can store things very smartly without having to rely on separate packing cubes or travel organizers. Lastly, attaching the included shoulder strap provides travelers with the option to sling this bag over their shoulder. In my opinion, this is the least comfortable position to carry the Mother Lode Travel Backpack . Walking around with the bag bouncing on my hip got annoying, and it became a liability when fully packed. As long as it is not completely stuffed, then yes it should fit. I have taken it on an international flight as a carry-on without any difficulties.

Our flagship product is the Outbreaker travel backpack, a carry-on-sized backpack that is both comfortable and convenient. You can use the side pockets to store a map, guidebook, water bottle, or umbrella. The hip belt pockets are great for holding your passport, tickets, spare change, and boarding passes. The organizational features of this backpack I think are fantastic.

Through it all, the eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack keeps on trudging onwards. I have no doubt that this bag could last me another 10 years of travel. While the backpack harness & straps leave a bit to be desired, I firmly believe this is the most versatile travel bag that you can purchase for under $100. The hidden backpack straps can be pulled out & attached via plastic clips to the attachment points at the base of the back. The backpack straps provide a very convenient way to carry this bag if you need to free up your hands. However, it should be noted that backpack straps are thin & lightly padded.

That’s when I found out that better bags are designed to have better suspension systems. My new bag was way more comfortable than the eBags weekender. It was also 1.3 lbs lighter but with the same features.