Ebags Mother Lode Jr Travel Backpack

After all that I put my Mother Lode through, it doesn’t have a single visible rip or tear. Extremely lightweight, waterproof, and impressively comfortable for a pack weighing under 2 lbs. Price, this is a solidly made bag, with some really thought out features, it’s a great value for the price.

For reference, I pack shoes, toiletries, straightening iron, etc, in the front pocket and clothes in the big part. Liquids can go in the smaller “forehead” zippered area on the top front of the suitcase. You can use packing cubes, just know that because there is a handle to grip for the wheeling bag part, you lose a little bit of space inside. But, that’s to be expected on any bag with a telescoping handle. I use the Weekender Junior backpack from ebags, and I’m about your size and age. I find it holds quite a bit, especially when using the packing cubes, and it’s pretty easy to carry around and get it into overhead compartments.

Unfortunately, most bags don’t have as much versatility as we would like, making it difficult to carry up stairs or over on cobblestones or down the aisle on the airplane. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rolling bag, but they can’t really go everywhere and the rigid structure can make it difficult to get into the overhead or under the seat in front of you. EBags wants to give you a bit more organization, while giving you a more traditional carry-on bag, but with a lot more flexibility. The main compartment measures 21.5″H x 5.5″D x 14”W and front compartment is 21.5″H x 3-5”D x 13”-14”W. If you’re not great with dimensions just know that this bag provides MORE THAN ENOUGh space for a weekender or carry-on. One of the more genius design aspects of the TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is that it can easily be transformed into a duffel bag thanks to the convertible straps.

ebags tls mother lode weekender convertible

Day Owl offers a true backpack for grown ups with their flagship backpack. In this backpack review we explore all of the hidden pockets and great features that make the Day Owl perfect for both work and weekends. Now that all your main items are packed and organized, you can organize all the other little things you need to take with you. The exterior pocket has room for guide books, smaller electronics, change, writing implements and more. I used it for my Kindle, passport, mobile and even fit my netbook inside.

You can store things very smartly without having to rely on separate packing cubes or travel organizers. Lastly, attaching the included shoulder strap provides travelers with the option to sling this bag over their shoulder. In my opinion, this is the least comfortable position to carry the Mother Lode Travel Backpack . Walking around with the bag bouncing on my hip got annoying, and it became a liability when fully packed. As long as it is not completely stuffed, then yes it should fit. I have taken it on an international flight as a carry-on without any difficulties.

Our flagship product is the Outbreaker travel backpack, a carry-on-sized backpack that is both comfortable and convenient. You can use the side pockets to store a map, guidebook, water bottle, or umbrella. The hip belt pockets are great for holding your passport, tickets, spare change, and boarding passes. The organizational features of this backpack I think are fantastic.

Through it all, the eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack keeps on trudging onwards. I have no doubt that this bag could last me another 10 years of travel. While the backpack harness & straps leave a bit to be desired, I firmly believe this is the most versatile travel bag that you can purchase for under $100. The hidden backpack straps can be pulled out & attached via plastic clips to the attachment points at the base of the back. The backpack straps provide a very convenient way to carry this bag if you need to free up your hands. However, it should be noted that backpack straps are thin & lightly padded.

That’s when I found out that better bags are designed to have better suspension systems. My new bag was way more comfortable than the eBags weekender. It was also 1.3 lbs lighter but with the same features.