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Lucas Luggage options come in a variety of designs to suit your personal choices and design preferences. You can go for the no-nonsense design of some of the classic softshell pieces offered by the brand if you want the lightweight expandability without any frills. The sleek hard-sided suitcases may be more up your alley if you prefer a modern aesthetic that also comes with a scratch-resistant feature for increased peace of mind during your travels. Lucas Luggage offers both softshell and hardshell pieces to accommodate various packing needs and personal preferences. The softshell options provide you with the space you need to bring your travel essentials in the most lightweight frames to make going through transport terminals and roads much easier to do. Weight’s come in at 7.1 pounds for the carry-on suitcase, 9 pounds for the medium, and 11 pounds for the large checked suitcase.

If you planning for a long-duration trip, it might not be the right choice for you. However, for the one day or day-long trip- this is unbeatable. It is made with durable nylon fabric ingredients that will survive the severities of traveling. It will experience you travel lighter than ever with under the seat putting facility.

They basically sell design, but the entire sales process is managed through outsourcing. All online products are sold online through various online marketplaces. They must have an international inspection card to purchase products. In terms of warranty, Lucas Carry On Luggage does not offer good features. The warranty service does not include transportation costs.

Pockets and compartments are missing, which makes the organization of items somewhat troublesome. The design is also subtle yet chic, making it a perfect option for female professionals going on work trips. Lightweight and easy for you to carry without getting exhausted. Rolling wheels that allow you easy and effortless mobility, no matter what surface your luggage encounters throughout your journey. Not only does it keep your valuable contents safe inside the suitcase, but it’s also scratch Resistant on the outside; hence, your suitcase would look new even after years of use.

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The cases all have padded carry handles on the top and side, along with the telescopic handle. The inside sections are large and spacious, with a mesh section for accessories. Overwhelmed by his Live Ador , tester Abby G opted for the Live Enchant 24 with full handbrake, multiple gearboxes and larger wheels. Abby said the bike doesn’t have brakes, it was somewhat customized, but the swivel dialer made it easy to change gears for her little hands. It was easier for him, he-speed Shimano felt more secure at the top of the hill for the tourni gearbox.

Still, Lucas will put up respectable durability compared to its price if you can1t afford the price of Travelpro’s luggage. In addition, they added a Trusted Companion Promise that covers damage caused by airlines and other common carries along with reimbursement of shipping costs if a bag needs to be sent in for repair. Travelpro is an old, established brand founded in 1978 by Robert Plath, the inventor of the “rollaboard”, which is essentially the original rolling suitcase. In this review, we’re going compare Lucas Luggage and Travelpro and try to find the most important differences and pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision when looking for a new suitcase or bag. Gone are the days of picking between Samsonite or American Tourister, we now have all kinds of other brands available. It has a multi-stage handle so that you can choose the height that you’d like it to be, and the handle has an ergonomic grip for extra comfort.